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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and the sheriff's department asking for public to please step forward if they can provide nfs information about a possible suspect. they do not very v.a skripgs on a -- description on a vehicle, they do not know (sq or the e highway. >> thank you so much. >> more breaking news from the south bay. a lock down at a cupertino preschool has been lifted. >> students and teachers were asked to shutnsñ+x lights and stay away from windows. nearby, police pulled over a car carrying three men believed to have been involved in several home burglaries. two people were arrested but a third suspect ran, triggering the search. the person has not been found. >> president obama is promising to tighten gun control autos this morning apointing long time gun control advocate joe biden who had a task force on preventing more mass shootings. >> we have more on the
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announcement. >> since friday, we've been hearing one politician after the next saying the connecticut shooting changed the political landscape. today, the president joined the chorus. the president said washington won't just talk about tackling gun violence. >> this is a team that has a tas tok pull together real reforms, right now. >> the president urged congress to vote on an assault weapons ban, a ban on ammunition clips and close the gun show loophole so hall would be subject to background checks. >> the task force will recommend policies beyond gun conroll. >> we're going to need to make access to mental health care. >> the president hoping to seize this moment of heightened public awareness to push washington to change. >> if there is one thing we should have after this week, it should be a sense of perspective about what is important. >> his announcement is
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quieting criticism from within the president's ranks. one congressman whose husband was killed now he'll feels the president is showing leadership. but+ús gun regulations will no doubt meet with resistance from the nra, so far has not commented since the connecticut shooting. but has scheduled a news conference for friday. the president says he's ready. >> nra is an organization with members that are mothers and fathers. >> california senator boxer, and house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> the tragedy in newtown struck the hearts of every american. we have to respond. >> whoever says this is not the right time, say this. when is the right time? >> so issue is front and center. the news conference will tell us about the nature of the debate. >> thank you, mark. sandy hook students will not return to school until 2013.
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they wail tend classes in an unused middle school in monroe. that school hzn't been used since june, 2011. crews and workers have been making% g< safe for their return. the school will be run by donna page, a retired sandy hook principal. the rft of the students return to class yesterday. parents say at this point they just want to try to return to normalcy. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble. you can't live that way. >> connecticut lead medical examiner wants to look into the dna of adam lanza and asked wants to determine if there are identifiable diseases associated with this violent debehaifor autos school buses are back on the streets in newtown, connecticut. there are also funeral processions. >> abc news is there with the story. >> yet another funeral of a young victim. firefighters were at the memorial for daniel, who
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dreamed of becoming a new york city firefighter like his uncle and cousin. >> our son had so much love to give to this world. and he was supposed to have a lifetime of bringing that light to the world. >>oqzñ after one somber funeral, mourners packed pews to remember a 6-year-old caroline. her parents say she was quote a blessing from god, brought joy to everyone she touched. throughout the area, four more farewells for charlotte bacon, chase, principal, and a 27-year-old victoria soto. the nation remembers soto as the teacher who lost her life trying to save her young students. her family remembering her for so much more. >> just her face. and the smile. happiness she had. >> when students returned to classes in a school, they will
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be greeted by donna page, returning to the position. in newtown, connecticut abc 7 news. >> and stay with abc 7 for coverage of the shooting tragedy in newtown, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will bring us an update at 5:00. you can sign up for breaking news alerts. >> with the nation attention on guns in the wake of newtown one neighborhood is suffering gun violence on a daily basis. >> a bay view resident had his >> i was standing here. that bullet came through the window. as you can see... this is where it was. >> the wild, wild west area.
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a 5-year-old girl last year was shot and injured on the way home from school. walking past his buildings. >> this has been a dangerous neighborhood, becoming more so. i mean with therx$=ñ gang activ, the criminal activity, and the drug dealing that happens in this area, openly, you know, it's become more dangerous. >> neighbors telling us they've obtained data indicating there were 3,000 calls for service because of criminal activities in a three-block area, in the past 12 months alone. the mayor says he and city agencies have developed a new citiwide anticrime strategy. >> we need to make areas safer and find alternatives for youth. >> this man will be meeting with police, the district supervisor ask other officials later tonight. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> in san jose, police trying to track down a person who
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reported this there was a gunman on a san jose city college campus after a search, no gunman was found, we have video from sky 7 showing a s.w.a.t. team going floor by -- it's missing computers. the school of 400 students got a gift of 51 new computers.
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a local market agency heard about the plight, donating money to purchase the computers. saying employees meant for client gifts to buy computer autos right now there is good news for hundreds of kids that will not go without gifts. >> volunteers from the toy program collected hundreds of toys this morning. they've stopped toi">-ñ by two collection points. >> the program collects more than 40,000 tie tois for kids every year. the holiday season will be brighter for thousands gathering today outside of the glide memorial church for the grocery bag give away. >> abc 7 news has a look. >> the street had to be shut down to accommodate people waiting in line fr a bag of groceris. reverend cecil williams was taken aback by the crowd. >> these folks have been here since 1:00 yesterday.
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that is something. >> the stories in this line vary. one man told us its his first time here, hopefully his last. >> i don't get paid until next week. you know? i'm just planning on this week. i thought i'd do it. >> another is a veteran who lives on social security. 40% goes toward rent. >> i live on a real limited income. and just barely make it each work mo. >> workers say the story is becoming kmochbl the bulk of the people they serve are seniors. >> it's growing and growing. you know? i think a lot of us in the business, if you will, just see this, we call it the silver tsunami. >> many work for the gap, a corporate sponsor that makes this give way possible. >> i'm happy, glad i'm doing this, i love giving back to the people. it's a fun event to do this. >> but then, there are volunteers here on their own. >> this is something i've been
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thinking about doing for years. i vnlt. i can give my time. >> she enjoyed it so much, she signed up to volunteer this3#y month. >> they didn't do this, i swront a christmas. -- swront a christmas. >> we'll turn to weather now. and everybody is still trying to warm up after the coldest morning of the season so far. >> yes. temperatures plunged below freezing, frost-covered cars and lawns in the south bay. people out and about today did their fwoft keep warm. >> it reminds me of colorado. felt like that. yes. >> did you go back to put more stuff on? >> absolutely. sweat shirt over nice clothes now. >> layer up, not everyone was ready for weather. these guys weren't prepared for the chill after the workout. others had a advantage, a fashionable fur coat. >> yes. >> those guys there, right. >> it's a classic©w reason.
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you have to watch sandhya patel. >> now, a check on the accu-weather forecast. >> you're both hired as my agents. we take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies. it was bone-chilling cold. check out temperatures this morning. 26 degrees down to 25 in napa. fairfield, 25 degrees, 29 in live mofr -- livermore, chilly in redwood city, 31 degrees. oakland, 26 degrees, record cold there. 33 in santa cruz. we're headed towards another cold night. temperatures upper 40s to about upper 50s so on]1[> the chilly side.r?ñ 40 to 50 this evening. frosty cold conditions, upper ]$2 low 40s for afternoon, mostly sunny skies with row low to mid-50s. i'll be back to tell when you rain will arrive and when chill will start to back off,
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we'll get milder air coming fp= for the night. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 new rules to help protect your child's privacy online. >> it's a bird, it's a plane. actually, it's part of the tallest building in the nation's largest city. we'll explain. >> and checking your traffic at 4:12 on the screen, you're in good shape heading down to the peninsula. left side, if you're head together lower deck of the bay bridge going over to oakland, you're face something traffic this afternoon. this afternoon. keep it here,ñtútcúñññ!ó!6ñztrp you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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>> you don't have to be a engineer to know this is a tricky operation. you're looking at cruise
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hoisted an escalator to the 101st floor of the 1 world trade center building in new york. crews started hoisting up parts of the spire going on top of the building making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. work scheduled to be finished in 2014. >> the federal government is take nug steps to give parents greater control over personal information that can be collected from preteens onlichblt a child's location, as well as photos and audio that contain a human image or voice cannot be collected with out a parent's permission. the ftc announced rules to ensure children online privacy protection act enacted in 1998 keeps face pais with technology. >> apple and google teeming up. >> we have that and more on the bloomberg after the bell report. >> apple and google part of a
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group buying patents from kodak. the price tag overtgbe $525 million this, deal ends a process in the works for months, kodak in need of a deal part of the restructuring and companies like apple and google seeing a rare opportunity to join forces to protect themselves from more patent sites. some other companies in this deal include facebook, microsoft, samsung, and research in motion. to be clear, not everyone is buying these patents. a source tells bloomberg west there are two buyers, everybody else is licensing technology. david martin, chairman and founder of m cam told us settling this fight sets the stage for new squabbles. >> they're realizing the game is not in still images. it's in video and in live streaming video what. is going happen is that this purchase is going to side line those
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estates. you'll see a new round of fights. >> meantime, another chain is coming up, martha stewart living omni media. lease is leaving the company. company has focused on merchandise gs business as ad revenue declines. police in seattle are hunting for the people who stole 7,000 anyone tendoes sfwriptd seattle air cargo warehouseñi# near sea-tac airport saturday night or sunday morning. police say thieves used forklifts to lift into two interesting developments there. taking a look at markets, stocks declining. investors remain concerned democrats and rinz won't be able to come to an agreement on those zpaukz as for your bloomberg silicon valley index, it also closed lower, apple, cisco drags on the day.eqyx
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the and three former executives settled an akgt fraud investigation with fcc accusing of inflating the numbers at a company the street used to own under the deal, eric ashman and former will be a combined $375,000 fine. they neither denied nor admitted wrong doing. larry and ama, back to you. >> thank you. >> there is a beautiful day outside. and really cold. >> sunny, chilleddy. yes we have a chill in the air. it's a crisp day.-i#uñ getting closer to winter. freezing cold this morning. heading into another night of cold conditions. make sure you bundle up. why you can see skies here. they're clear looking across the bay. we have a dry air mass in
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place with light winds, temperatures going down again tonight. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we have our own radar. monterey national weather service watching for storms now just seeing clear skies. radar will be tracking a storm. temperatures right now, into the cool side. areas are chilly freezing cold with morning fro. it's going to be wet on friday, we which, by the way iszsír winter. we have the winter chill in the air, tomorrow morning we send your kids off to school, or heading off to work, make sure you have the layers on. it's going to be cold. 28 degrees in napa. below freezing in concord. 31 degrees, 29 in fairfield. you'll be scraping ice off windshields in the morning. 33 fremont.
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cold in san jose. this chill in the air across many parts of the bay area. high pressure in control of the weather, we do have clear skies. there is another freezing cold night ahead. here is what is coming up. a slow moving storm coming out of the gulf of alaska. another cold storm coming down. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. most of the rain is still up towards yu kaia. this storm will be slow to get down by tomorrow it's north of santa rosa. into latter part of the evening, we'll start to notice the rain moving into friday morning. light to moderate rain across the bay area. it could be heavy in pockets. a front sagging south wards, we're seeing rainfall ahead of the cold front.
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it continues to be showery. saturday morning, sun will be out by 9:00 a.m. showers tapering. here is what we'll get into saturday morning up to five inches in the north bay mountains and you'll see lesser pamts -- amounts down towards monterey bay. winter storm watch to two to five feet of snow. we're looking at gusty winds with chain controls. accu-weather forecast frosty cold in the morning. wints year rifs friday morning and will not be that cold friday morning. certainly rainy. looks like christmas eve morning. it's dry for christmas day. >> thank you. >> coming up next a woman at the range, voters making history in south korea. >> a number of new movies
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hitting theaters tonight. the pentagon launching an investigation into one of them. the story ahead on our red
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timerzç for entertainment news now, barbara streisand
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takes a road trip, plus, wolverine is coming back. >> i do love wolverine. >> rachel smith has all the entertainment report. >> there are movies pulling into theaters today rs barbara streisand is back on the big screen in "the guilt trip". she and seth roguin traveled all over country with movie magic. >> look goods. >> i said i want to stay home. >> yes. >> you would never know. we were never at the grand canyon. it's crazy. >> it's funny. >> opening in limited release about the raid on osama bin laden. and the pentagon just announced it's investigating what information top officials gave film makers. hugh jackman suiting up as wolverine in the x men sequel out in 2014. the director broke news on
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welcome hugh jackman to the cast. going to return to oz? check out this poster. some setting off to seat wizards in march. rumor has it adele can add another honor to her list,mo=o named>6 last year named bill board's top artist of 2012. get your headlines any time on >> fall out from a scathing benghazi report. a shake up at the state department. >> and we're getting closer to the clip. harsh words. efforts to extend federal tax cuts take a bad turn. >> a survivor through and through. a man is proving odds wrong.
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and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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>> a independent report on the september 11th attack on benghazi is critical of bureaucrats. the attack killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens, a bay area native.
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now, wlif more on that report. >> three state department officials resigned today. after release of the report. it says there was failure at all levels of the state department, but places blame at the assistant secretary level. failures resulted in an inadequate security plan. the report on the september 11th attack on the u.s. diplomatic outpost in benghazi posts to failures in leadership and management deficiencies. saying repeated requests to washington for security upgrades had been denied. u.s. staffing was inadequate and local libyan forces were poorly skilled and local guards, unarmed. communities between benghazi, tripoli and washington were good the night of the attack there wasn't enough time for forces to get there. >> we had a lot of forces in europe, at sea andmo on land, t
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was not, it is not reasonable that they could have responded. in a timely way this, is over in a matter of about 20 or 30 minute ootz report says u.s. security at the consulate was forced to leave stevens behind when a second wave began. >> their decision to depart this special mission without ambassador stevens came after efforts of many u.s. security agents to find him, and sean snij a smoke filled building still on fire. >> stevens stepfather spoke to us by phone today saying the report is upsetting because it reveals nature of decisions made, and not made. the report makes 29 recommendations to secretary of state clinton, who has said she'll adopt all 29, including adding marine corps security guards. senator kerry who is being considered as her replacement had nothing but kind words for her response to the attack. >> i think that is an extremely positive step.
4:32 pm
i think it's courageous step. >> the report could not determine who took stevens to the benghazi hospital but he arriving there. >> thank you. optimism turns into pessimism in washington over a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. the president saying he's prepared to do tough things saying there is no reason for the talks to fai. his latest offer would extend tax cuts to every wrun making less than $400,000 a year, up from his offer of $250,000. the president says he and republicans are now just a few hundred billion dollars apart. >> the idea we'd put our economy at risk because you can't bridge a gap doesn't make a lot of sense. >> house speaker john boehner is going to put his plan b up for a vote in the house tomorrow. he would extend the cuts to everyone making under $1 million a year. >> president will have a
4:33 pm
decision to make. he can call on senate democrats to pass that bill%6i=, or, he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in american history. >> the president says plan b is a waste of time and he'll veto it. he and the speaker have less than two weeks to reach a deal before $500 billion in tax hikes kick in. >> now, latest development hz in the sandy hook shooting. the president wants congress to reinstaut an all weapons bab. he also wants conbres to stop sales of gun show that's do not require background checks. four more studentsobk0t were buy today along with principal ask a teacher. the principal died lunging after the shooter. students in the school will not return to class until new year, when they do go back they'll attend a nearly,
4:34 pm
unused middle school. a retired principal will take over temporarily. stay with us for continuing coverage of the tragedy. youkbl$ can express sympathy by posting this badge on your facebook wall, available on our page on 7 news. >> this comprehensive study is out today on the cancer risks of world trade center recovery workers. it suggests links become worker that's were exposed to toxic debris from the terrorist attacks. the study involved 56,000 people. researchers say results should be interpreted cautiously and don't answer whether debris from attacks really cause cancer. >> officials say a deadly blaze in the south bay is not sus spishus. a body of an adult inside, they have not determined the gender of the victim. investigators aren't sure what start that had fire.
4:35 pm
firefighters in oakland have been investigating a fire that sent a guard to the hospital. the fire started around midnight in a pickup truck parked near railroad avenue south. the flames spread to a nearby commercial building. security guards were at the scene when the fire started around midnight. he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators sate truck reported stolen from hayward last week. >> south korea elected its first female president in more than a thousand years. it is called a win for the people. her father was asags naitsed in 1979. some were up all nightuu%?p watching returns. >> i remember her. yes. she was a smart girl. and she had a big grade at school.kkç
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>> he describes the leader as a humble,5é' active and charmig lady. >> his family calms it a miracle.a the recoveryh÷ of a man in amonth long coma after being shot in the head in san francisco. we took his first steps. today, abc 7 visited him again in the story you'll see on 7. >> can you jump forward a little bit? >> forward? >> yes. >> benjiman had been going through physical therapy and says he's doing fine for the most part. >> any pain in that shoulder? once it gets up top. hi. but that is about it. >> the physical therapist says quick recovery is is remarkable. he has problems with his functions. >> problem solving, sequencing events for your daily activities that, kind of thing.
4:37 pm
it's normal lit most difficult thing to get back. >> just watching him doing this is mazing. he just came out of a coma about a monthing ayochl he was shot in the head leaving a party at fort mason on the weekends after halloween. police later arrested a suspect who has been charged with four counts after tempted murder, investigators say he was shot after trying to prevent lee from making unwanted advances toward his girlfriend. the wound so severe, doctors gave him own a 25% chance of survival wech saw him just before thanksgiving, he had uttered first words to his mother. >> i went ine6ssherei69ñ and i d him could you say hi mom? he said hi mom. that was, it brought me to tears. >> we witnessed young man take first steps since coming out of the coma. >> this is a miracle child. because... what he went through, and what we
4:38 pm
understood that injury is, you don't survive. >> he has to wear a helmet because the portion of his skull is missing. doctors will fuse that part back next summer. his memory still blotchy, but coming back. he remembers what happened at the part rebut nothing after)&z that, when the attack happened. for he and his family, every step he takes is a small, but significant victory. >> that is a a nice christmas present, facing recovery. >> a new study that can cause blindness. >> also, connection between waist line and your drive time. a study finds driving just one mile less per day can add up. >> i'm sandhya pat yes. if you're traveling up to tahoe, take a look at the view right now from our camera. winter storm watch is going up. friday morning running until sunday morning. several feet of snow coming up. i'll have a look at when the
4:39 pm
rain arrives here coming up. >> another check of the traffic situation. this is the view from the top of mount tam. traffic heading into mill valley and it's just a sea of headlights, very slow going at this hour, stay with us. more still t
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taking aspirin daily may
4:42 pm
reduce the risk of a condition, that may increase the risk of macular degeneration. the risk of developing the condition is about one in 200 among all older adults but was one in 100 among aspirin users. researchers say heart benefits still outweigh the eye risk for most people. about 20% of the adults take aspirin regularly. >> researchers say they have more proof that fewer miles behind the wheel mean fewer pounds on the waste line. researchers say daily automobile travel and calories consumed are related to body reduction in body mass index and found if drivers traveled one mile less by car per day, not only would fuel consumption fall burke health care costs could drop as fewer people would be classified as
4:43 pm
obese, and overweight. >> as you know smrks people believe mayan calendar predicting the end of the world coming on friday. most of us will not act like it's the last day on earth. a survey reveals 93% of americans think sworld not going to come to an end on december 21. interesting a dating site is doing this sur vie. 25% say they're buying gear just in case. this is if the world is ending, survival gear is not going to help. according to this, only 1% would tell off their boss. right. and we know the world isn't coming to an end because sandhya patel has a seven-day forecast. >> we'll talk about that in just a moment. here is a look right now. and you'll notice here, skies are clear. and there is another storm
4:44 pm
moving into into friday. snow for tomorrow if you're traveling to chicago, 47 degrees, we're looking at rain towards new york, 45, washington, d.c. 49, sthin in denver, travel plans to seattle, snow, with 42 degrees. now, state wide here is what it's going to look like. winter storm warnings for northern california mountains watch out for snow could cause delays. 51 in eureka. 50 degrees in chico. 40 yosemite. sunshine in los angeles, 65 degrees and here in the bay area, tomorrow, mostly sunny skies in the north bay, partly cloudy can bes with rain and snow up to the north of clear lake there. temperatures, upper 40s to 50s, hang on to rain gear. you're going to need it from tomorrow night throughout sunday. and... ama, larry, boy say larry would northbound 1%.
4:45 pm
>> you didn't dot sevenzr@ú?vw >> yes. yes. >> i didn't see seven day. i don't know, now. >> one day at a time that. is how i see it thank you. >> you know this thing, you can lead a horse to water but take a look. you'll have a heck of a time trying to get him out. your deal to get a wet horse back on dry land. >> best solution when seeing spots on dishes. a testk/cv of detergent
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> whether cleaning up or getting dinner dishes cleaned up getting glassware spotless is easier said than done. >> krorts additives put to the test to find out if they can he+v+ >> frustrated by build up on glasses? there are additives for dish washer that's promise to help. a-to-find out whether they can deliver clear results. >> when you set a table for a meal, you never want to use cloudy glasses like this.
4:49 pm
consumer reports-93 put clear dish wear to a tough test with hard water. it came out coated with a white film. >> since polluting pros fates were banned, problem has gotten worse. >> additives claim they can help, including this one from finish. >> you'll see a huge difference... >> consumer reports tried power up according to instructions butting -- putting it into prewash but the sizes vary. this didn't hold enough to get the job done. here is before, and after, washing with finish power up. >> we decided to use alternate instructions said to put it into the machine. dishes came out looking clean. >> next up, glisten cleaner coming in premeasured packets, removing after two cycles then, there is shine original,
4:50 pm
instructions say use it to clean the machine first, and you may have to experiment, it worked. here are the dishes before, and after. these products worked, least expensive was the best value. >> consumer reports kauged not to use finish power up or leaning shine with a detergent containing bleach. it may produce toxic gases if mixed together. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> and in florida a 30-year-old horse on the mend today after finding itself stuck in a swimming pool. it took heavy machinery to get andy out of the pool. i jumped over a fence landing in the water there. he was injected with a mild sedative to calm him down. using a tow truck, rescuers raised him out of the water on to dry land. vets say he has no broken
4:51 pm
bones and is walking on his own good, to hear. >> poor andy. >> i know. >> stay out of the pool. >> ahead a teacher from the north bay has a real life pot of gold. where it was found, next. >> a ride to becoming a community fwaifr rit. how a homemade transmitter blossomed into something big for one man. >> coming up at 5:00 letter from china slamming fda for warnings about imported dog food. >> and a blowfish researchers believe could hold a key t you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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a substitute teacher from marin county is a multi millionaire. >> the judge declared her the soul heir to the fort yooun of her late cousin who died in
4:55 pm
his home. >> cruise found gold coins to fill two wheel barrels worth $7.5 million. a court ruled she's the only surviving relative no. comment from her. >> a radio station started in the closet of the apartment of a man has become a community favorite zmou, getting bigger. the raid yes sausalito. >> this is radio sausalito. 1610 am in southern marin. >> jazz, 24-7. and community show autos one of the reasons it exists is because i found people want to be talked to as a community, you know, community radio station. they want to have a relationship with who they're hearing on the radio. >> it began 12 years ago. he installed a transmitter he made in high school in his apartment.
4:56 pm
>> neighbors picked it up, too. and there are 20 volunteers. >> we change our style. over the course of the day. >> ruth and her daughter do a show about new orleans. >> we hope you're going to enjoy this tasty bite of music. >> there is a political show. >> what i try to do is take complicated issues and boil them down for busy people. >> there is a show business show. >> the studios now in the basement of a stunning hillside victorian restore bid a father and sun. the apartment is next to the studio. >> this is a miraculous relationship here. >> with low power, audience is limited and signal confined theer sausalito because the
4:57 pm
station operates on less than one watt of power, some have 50,000 watts but westerling has bigger dreams but that relies on listener again ross fi ti thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> the presz on gun violence as mer school shooting victims are laid to rest. tonight officials explain why they want to study the gunman's brain. >> i'm sandhya patel. record setting cold temperatures this morning and how chilly tonight and when rain will be moving in, coming up. >> and our breaking news story. the brazen freeway shooting into a car on a south bay freeway. shattered windows only tell part of the frightening story.
4:58 pm
>> good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> the freeway shooting happen today. >> police shut down the freeway, searching for evidence of who fired several shots at a marine recruiter's car as he was driving southbound. >> that marine able to pull over. >> have you to say it's a lucky man. thetgbe three or more bullet that's pierced the card him as he was driving southbound between sievens creek and deanza boulevard. now, you can see from sky 7, video. the vehicle shows evidence of three bullet holes in the left rear passenger door. investigators are not sure if the shooter was in an adjacent lane. marine not been identified was wearing a coat over his wearing a coat over his uniform and thebg] marine corps insig kneea. the
4:59 pm
patrol shut down southbound lanes to begin the investigation. their primary goal to find shell casings. attack happened just after 1:00 and the sheriff's office is hailing the investigation. >> the call goes to chp. sheriff's office gets sometime as well in the city of we respond. we're going to take over the investigation because of the type of crime the marine corps officer not injured. we don't have information at this time.>& ok >> investigators hoping someone driving along the freeway might have witnessed this shooting with no description of a4 suspect or vehicle, they'd like to hear from someone, anyone with information that could help pin down who shot at the marine
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